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CashColorCannabis Magazine #2

CashColorCannabis Magazine #2

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This quarter, we’re speaking to and about entrepreneurs who have braved the tough world of cannabis to create something so dope that people from all walks of life have gravitated to their work.

Up first is Alphonso “Tucky” Blunt. After surviving shady business dealings, Tucky can proudly say that he is now selling weed legally, just blocks away from where he was arrested for… take a guess. We spoke to Tucky about how he managed hurdles from bad business to crime and how he manages to continue to create an amazing experience for his community.

Our cover story for this quarter is Shanel Lindsay, the Ron Popeil of the cannabis industry. Her first invention, Ardent, created a way for people to make their infused goodies, treats, and more at your home. Far from a one-trick pony, Lindsay’s latest invention may change the way you smoke!

And being that we’re dropping this issue in April, in honor of 420, we’re highlighting some black-owned cannabis shops and brands that you should patronize, not just for the month but for as long and as often as you can

Lastly, we end with a Q&A with Nicole Buffong, communication director of Minorities for Medicinal Marijuana (M4MM). Nicole walks us through her journey with H.I.V. and how cannabis and healthy eating have given her more life.

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