Let's Go To The Movies: Higher Power

Let's Go To The Movies: Higher Power


Washington D.C. is known for high-power political wheeling and dealing. Every day bills get passed and laws change. As this country moves more towards legalization, D.C. still stands in a state of confusion when it comes to cannabis. Is it legal or not? That’s the question. 

A new documentary aims to take a look at that question and more. 

Higher Power features Black Washingtonians discussing Initiative 71 and the complicated world of cannabis in the nation's capital. 

Before a screening of the film at Temple University during Black Cannabis Week, we had the chance to speak with the director of the film, Dewey A. Ortiz Jr about when he found a love for a film, Higher Power, and the need to tell stories from our perspective. 

CashColorCannabis: When did you first fall in love with movies? 

Dewey Ortiz Jr.: I think it goes back to my childhood. My mother and father took me to a lot of movies. That was kind of the fuel for me as a young man and a teenager.

Read the full interview in issue #4 of CashColorCannabis magazine. 


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