Fly Safe: Michael Lawson Gives Us 4 Ways To Protect Yourself While In The Air

Fly Safe: Michael Lawson Gives Us 4 Ways To Protect Yourself While In The Air


Cannabis consumers have spent years cultivating innovative ways to travel with small amounts of medicine. Some methods are intense, and others make sense, but this guide is a step-by-step manual on preparing, flying, and safely arriving at your destination. For many people, traveling with plant-based medicine is not a natural phenomenon; many choose to avoid the risk of law enforcement intervention and simply purchase at their destination. 


Personally, I don’t like to spend additional time looking for quality medicine when I’m out of town.  If you follow this guide, you will have the tools to travel with confidence.  Remember that plant-based medicine may not be for everyone, but it is an option for everyone. 


  1. Know where you’re going and the current laws in your departure airport. For example, in Los Angeles, you can not be arrested for less than an ounce on your person. But you must be aware of the laws in your destination city. "As of January 1, 2018, California law allows for individuals 21 years of age or older to possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana for personal consumption. With the change in state law, the policy and procedures of the Los Angeles Airport Police Division (APD) regarding marijuana were updated to reflect this change. APD officers, California Peace Officers, have no jurisdiction to arrest individuals if they comply with state law. However, airport guests should know that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening stations are under federal jurisdiction. Also, passengers should be aware that marijuana laws vary state by state, and they are encouraged to check the states' laws where they plan to travel.”


  1. When understanding airport security, it is important to remember that things have changed since 9/11. TSA is not looking for cannabis in your carry-on bag. They are trained to find liquids, explosives, and weapons.  If you do not have large liquids or weapons in your bag, it most likely will not pass through extra screening. The X-ray machines for airline passengers will reveal metals, liquids, and organics on the screen. A bag of popcorn and an ounce of flowers look the same to the operator of the X-ray machine. However, K-9 units often screen checked bags for drugs and large currency.


  1. Packaging is most important. Vacuum sealing your package is the best way to ensure the aroma will be concealed. If your carry-on bag does not have the scent of cannabis, you are less likely to draw attention to yourself and your traveling party. 


  1. Travel etiquette is very important. Many of us love that last session on the way to the airport.  But this is the most important time to exercise some discipline.  Once you have taken the time to properly pack your carry-on and conceal the aroma, do not travel to the airport smelling like weed. It sounds like common sense, but this is a critical part of the process. As you pass through the gauntlet of airport security, you must act normally, and this is hard to do when you smell like a tree! Go forth, and Godspeed. 
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