First Black-Owned Dispensary in LIC Will Sell Best-in-Class Cannabis Brands and Provide Educational Resources to Community

First Black-Owned Dispensary in LIC Will Sell Best-in-Class Cannabis Brands and Provide Educational Resources to Community


Trends Dispensary will open its doors on March 28th at 27-25 44th Drive. As one of the first legal dispensaries in the neighborhood, it proudly stands as the first black-owned dispensary in Long Island City, symbolizing a triumph for social progress and inclusivity. Operating daily from 11AM to 9PM, Trends welcomes local residents and visitors to shop its selection of trusted cannabis brands.

Founded by Queens-raised brothers Rodney Carter Jr., a fitness expert and co-founder of Harlem-based Hurricane Fitness, alongside Brandon Carter, a visionary software developer, Trends is more than just a dispensary—it's a family affair. Joining forces with their father, the trio, who once faced incarceration for cannabis-related activities, have secured one of the state's coveted CAURD licenses to operate Trends Dispensaries, marking a profound journey from adversity to advocacy.

Embracing a philosophy rooted in social responsibility, Trends has forged a strategic partnership with The Housing Works Cannabis Co, renowned for its pioneering contributions to the cannabis industry. Drawing inspiration from their success, Trends pledges a significant portion of its sales towards initiatives combating homelessness, supporting individuals affected by AIDS, championing the LGBTQ+ community, and providing assistance to formerly incarcerated individuals, underscoring their commitment to uplifting communities.

At Trends, customers can expect a meticulously curated selection of leading cannabis brands, including Issavibe, Smokiez, 1906, Rove, Tyson 2.0, Chef for Higher, and many more. With a team of trained in-store experts on hand, patrons can explore a range of products tailored to their individual needs, all rigorously tested and proven safe for consumption.

Brandon Carter, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations for Trends, emphasizes, "Trends is dedicated to fostering a safe and educational environment for cannabis enthusiasts, whether they're seasoned veterans or newcomers to the scene." 

Beyond retail, Trends will serve as a hub for immersive experiences and community engagement, featuring events such as elevated yoga, THC-infused couple massage classes, and infused dining experiences to showcase the diverse benefits and applications of the plant.

Echoing his brother's sentiments, Co-Founder & CEO of Trends, Rodney Carter Jr., added, "For far too long, cannabis has been unjustly demonized, leaving a trail of lives impacted by stigma and misinformation. With the dawn of legalization in New York, Trends aims to challenge these misconceptions and elevate cannabis into a positive force for change. Our vision is to cultivate a space where education, culture, and social responsibility converge, empowering the LIC community and beyond."

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