Burning With Byrd Talks About This Weeks Growth and What He looks Forward To Next

Burning With Byrd Talks About This Weeks Growth and What He looks Forward To Next

This week we check in with our resident grower Burning with Byrd to see how his grow is going and what he looks forward to seeing. Check out his Growing Up Dank blog below.

CashColorCannabis: Going into week 2 and 3, what have you seen from your plants? 

Burning with Byrd: I’ve seen some pretty vigorous growth, typical of what I’m used to seeing from my seed starts. A 2/6 are moving quite fast and are in need of transplant to a large container, while others are steady and uniform.

CCC: Have you been impressed with your growth? 

BWB: I’m moderately impressed by each of the individual plants and their. They have performed well in a very no-frills, undialed environment.

CCC: Have you seen anything that you would do differently or try differently if you had the chance to start over?

BWB: The method that I use is my standard method, with no deviations. One thing I would like to change is possibly having a better veg lighting source and overall build-out of the tent. It’s not dial-in with temperature reads, fans, or ventilation. This space is an alternate veg/clone space that I converted from a dry and cure space. It’s only meant to house plants for short periods. 

CCC: What have you been proud of so far? 

BWB: Being able to do this all successfully in front of a camera for this collaboration has been what I’m most proud of. Though I’ve been making cultivation content for some time now, I’ve never done it formally for a publication or collaborative project. 

CCC: Do you feel like Dank Seeds have been good quality? 

BWB: They’re of good quality, from what I’ve seen thus far. We will see for sure in the next stage of growth!

CCC: Have you had to ask Dank Seeds for any help to assist you in your grow? 

BWB: No, I haven’t.

CCC: What do you look for going into the last few weeks of the grow? 

BWB: I’m looking forward to up-potting them and moving them into their new space, where they will enter the flowering stage. There, I’m hoping to see the The Platinum Cookies x Gorilla Glue #4 start to show their true structure and size.

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